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Forum Rules: Read Before Posting Empty Forum Rules: Read Before Posting

Post by Zilliphron (SCS) on Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:08 pm

Here are the official forum rules. Breaking any of these may result in a warning, or even an eventual or immediate ban.


You MUST be at least thirteen (13) years old to join, due to the fact that some content on this forum may be unsuitable for younger children.

-All racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination, hate speech, and otherwise derogatory content is not allowed.
-Slander is not allowed.


-You may not use any racist, sexist, or homophobic words.
-Do NOT bypass the word filter. You will get in serious trouble for doing so.
-You may not swear at anyone else. For example, saying: "I'm bored as hell" is allowed, but telling someone to "Go to hell" isn't.
-Flaming/trolling isn't allowed, with or without swearing.

Sexual Content

-Do not post any links to any sexually-oriented (esp. pornographic) sites. Doing so will result in immediate termination of your account.
-Do not make any explicit, gross, or overtly vulgar sexual references. Children as young as 13 use our forum; if you think something is inappropriate for them, do not say it.

Spam/Spelling & Grammar

-All topics posted MUST be ON-TOPIC with whatever forum you post it in. Off-topic topics will either be locked, deleted, or moved to it's proper place.
-You are only allowed to spam in "Flandre's Basement".
-All posts must contain good grammar. This is not a chat room. You may not use abbreviations like "plz", "omg", or "thx", for example. The only allowed abbreviation is "lol".
-All posts must have at least one sentence or complete thought. If all you can think to post is "lol", or "ok", don't post.


-Advertise as much as you want in Flandre's Basement.
-Send a message to an Administrator if you wish to advertise your product or site somewhere else on the forum. You may or may not be granted permission to do so.

Respect the Staff

-The admins and mods are here to keep this forum safe and organized. Giving them any trouble is not tolerated.
-An admin's or mod's word is the final word. You don't argue. If you think a mod is abusing their powers, send a message to an Administrator reporting the abuser. If you think an admin is abusing their powers, send a message to Zilliphron (SCS).

Off-site Links

-If you link to something that you know has explicit swearing in it (uncensored use of the F word, for example), then you must post a warning along with the link.
-Any links to anything sexual, provocative, or otherwise sexually suggestive are not allowed and will be removed.
-You may not advertise outside of Flandre's Basement without an Administrator's expressed permission.
-You may not post any links to porn sites, shock sites, a site you know contains malware, or prank sites. This includes rick-roll links.

Only Zilliphron (SCS) has the right to edit these rules. However, anyone can suggest a new rule or a change in the rules to me directly. Zilliphron (SCS) has the right to edit or remove these rules at any time for any or no reason, and the staff has the right to ban you if we think your behavior here is unacceptable, even if you didn't directly break a rule.
Zilliphron (SCS)
Zilliphron (SCS)
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Head Administrator and Founder

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